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Album: Back for the attack
Año: 1988
Genero: Heavy Metal
Descargar: Back for the attack 1988

Album: Beast From The East
Año: 1983
Genero: Heavy Metal

01-Breaking The Chains
02-In The Middle
04-I Can't See You
05-Live To Rock (Rock To Live)
07-Seven Thunders
08-Young Girls
09-Stick To Your Guns
10-Paris Is Burning
Descargar: Breaking the Chains 1983

Album: Beast From The East
Año: 1988
Genero: Heavy Metal

1. Unchain the night
2. Tooth and nail
3. Dream warriors
4. Kiss of death
5. When heaven comes down
6. Into the fire
7. Mr Scary
8. Heaven sent
9. It's not love
10. Alone again
11. Just got lucky
12. Breaking the chains
13. In my dreams
14. Walk away
Descargar: Beast From The East 1988

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